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Written By Mark E. Richards, M.D.

Mark E. Richards M.D.

Bio-Identical Pellet Therapy
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Physician Training

Advance Your Practice: Bio-Identical Testosterone Pellet Therapy Physician Training for Men and Women

A true, scientifically-validated “anti-aging treatment.”

Become an expert in the most ideal and proven therapy to combat the epidemic of low T and resultant increased inflammation diseases and mortality. (Used in the USA in both sexes since 1939.)

The course is held in my office building every 1 to 2 months, depending on demand. The address is:

11300 Rockville Pike

Rockville MD, 20852

The course starts promptly at 9 am and frequently goes until approximately 7 pm. We will go to dinner after the course ends, giving more time for informal discussions that participants find invaluable. Seasons 52 restaurant is almost halfway to your hotel. It is highly recommended that you check in to the hotel the day before and depart on the Sunday morning after the course.

The most convenient place to stay is at the Bethesda North Marriott Hotel, which is only a few blocks from the office, an easy walking distance.

Bethesda North Marriott Hotel & Conference Center:

5701 Marinelli Rd.

Rockville, MD 20852

Phone: (301) 822-9200

Course Brief Overview

This is an in-depth, small group, PowerPoint-directed course with plenty of opportunity for discussion and questions.

The first 6 hours are spent reviewing the extensive science literature, exposing misconceptions, developing an understanding of when and how to dose men and women, and imparting in each participant the basis for clinical judgement in managing their future patients. A thumb drive with relevant supporting information will be provided to you at the course. We will have a short break for lunch during this time.

In the next hour, we will discuss the business mechanics of how to make delivering this needed therapy a very viable part of your practice as well as introduce you to preferred suppliers of pellets and trocar insertion trays so you can literally start treatments the following week!

The final several hours are spent performing hands-on instruction in the mechanics and the practice of inserting pellets.

As a course participant, you will be encouraged to get your blood lab work (a lab request form will be sent to you once you enroll) and have the lab results prior to attending the course, so you can take advantage of a complimentary pellet insertion (if indicated) to experience first-hand the life changing benefits proper hormone balance can provide.

This complimentary insertion alone is a tremendous value available to ALL course attendees (normally $500 for women and $1,000 for men, but it is free for course attendees).

COST per Attendee:

The fee for the course is $3,500 per healthcare provider (MD, NP, PA, DO, etc.). Most physicians will recoup the expense of the course as net revenue within the first few days of providing pellet therapy. I know of nothing else that gives you this type of immediate financial return on education, nor this high level of patient satisfaction while improving their health.

The cost for non-provider healthcare staff accompanying their office’s health provider is $2,000 for licensed healthcare professionals (e.g. RN, LPN), and $1,000 for non-health professionals such as office managers or spouses. All are eligible to receive pellets at the course.

It is highly recommended that you bring key office people who will be interacting with patients. An informed staff that understands this therapy (and ideally has experienced it) provides a seamless process that encourages patient compliance and happiness.

Follow-Up Support:

After the course, you will have access to consultations with me for science questions, clinical recommendations, and guidance via email and cell phone for 3 months. After that time, a $500 a year subscription is available for continued access, should you desire it. Many of the busier providers like to have the ability to consult with me on unusual cases or difficult patients at any time.

There are NO other costs or obligations from me associated with your practice after taking my course!!

This is very different from other outfits that purportedly teach science about hormone pellet implants and contractually obligate you to specific suppliers while charging you a significant percentage of your practice income. Additionally, in my course, you will be taught the current and honest science that I update monthly as relevant findings emerge in the literature.

Please let me know as soon as possible as to whether you would like to register for the next course. I limit the number of attendees per course to enable open discussion opportunities.

Please contact me with your interest and any questions at the email or phone numbers below.

Best regards,

Mark Richards MD

Office Phone: 301 468 3458

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