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Achieving Better Health by Avoiding the Corruptions in Modern Medical Science

Written By Mark E. Richards, M.D.
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For Physicians

We offer training to physicians interested in providing this therapy to patients!

Physician training schedule below:

    Next Date: Saturday, March 11th, 2023

    Bio-identical hormone subcutaneous pellet training course by Dr. Mark Richards.

    This course is critical for healthcare professionals to take in order to provide wellness care and reduce/prevent chronic diseases.

    Learn the science and the treatment for logical hormone pellet therapy.

    Become able to provide the care your patients and friends and family deserve and want to receive.  This therapy has a 80 year history of safety and effectiveness, and will likely become the standard of care globally within a decade.  Massive endocrine disruption from phthalates is threatening the health and reproductive survival of many species including humans.

    Attend the course to learn what you were intentionally never taught.  My introductory video can be seen at .

    The course is held in my office building 11300 Rockville Pike, Rockville MD  20852  This region is served by 3 airports:  BWI, DCA, IAD

    Email Dr. Richards for course program specifics and costs.

    Contact us for more information!

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